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      In Loving Memory of My Best Friend Ozzy

      Latest Photo/Video Posts

      Road Trip Itinerary

      • Cottage – Newboro, Ontario

      • Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario

      • Motel – Iron Bridge, Ontario

      • Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario

      • Motel – Marathon, Ontario

      • Motel – Kakabeka Falls, Ontario

      • Aaron Provincial Park, Ontario

      • Motel – Transcona, Manitoba

      • Motel – Regina, Saskatchewan

      • El Rancho BnB – Lumsden, Saskatchewan

      • Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

      • Motel – Medicine Hat, Alberta

      • Tipis BnB – Monarch, Alberta

      • Motel – Cranbrook, British Columbia

      Latest Blog Posts

      Travel and Photos

      We love to travel and we’re both excited for the next journey. Our latest plan is a road trip across Canada, down the western United States, and into Baja, Mexico. We’ll be overlanding in an SUV with a rooftop tent so stay tuned for lots of travel writing and photographs.


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